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Data Privacy | Regulation Compliance | Plug & Play


DataStealth is a platform that combines your organization's privacy, regulatory, compliance and other standards and requirements, with our suite of tokenization, de-identification and encryption options. We create an easily configurable and flexible data protection policy that is applied to data and documents passing through DataStealth.


DataStealth inspects network traffic, identifies data that should be protected by the data protection policy, extracts the identified data in real-time, and replaces the original data with a ‘smart’ placeholder value. The real information can be injected back into the data stream later, but only for authorized users and for authorized use cases.


Instead of trying to block unauthorized access, or deploying alert/monitor solutions that tell you after an intrusion has already occurred, DataStealth takes a more proactive approach. DataStealth removes sensitive data BEFORE it lands in an environment so that if that environment were to ever be breached, there would be no sensitive data to steal. As we like to say, intruders cannot steal what is not there.

Why DataStealth?

Taking your business to the next level

Providing privacy assurance to the data that you collected

 No development or integration required

DataStealth is a plug-and-play solution which requires no architectural changes or application development, no APIs, no plugins, and is quick and simple to deploy. A production deployment can typically be completed in less than 2 weeks.

Works with Everything

DataStealth is technology agnostic, and works with any protocol, any payload, any data type. 100% of customer POCs have been successful. 

Deploy Everywhere

DataStealth applies protection to data and documents in all systems within a customer’s environment, as well as within Cloud applications and storage.


Featured Use Cases

Tokenisation for PCI Compliance
Encryption for Data at Rest
Data Residency

DataStealth will significantly reduce the scope of your PCI Compliance audit by up to 95%. DataStealth removes payment card information from data and documents BEFORE it enters your network.

DataStealth identifies and extracts private sensitive and/or confidential data discovered in the stream.  Original data is reinserted into the stream for only authorized users, and only for authorized use cases

Documents in transit and at rest are obfuscated, data security administrators can now start to think about using Cloud-based storage, and other Cloud-based solutions

Data Masking for Big Data/Analytics

DataStealth applies policy driven data masking to data and documents in real-time, on the way to a user. Data Masking options include full and partial masking, suppression, rounding, offset, shuffling and more.

Test Data Management for Dev/UAT

Facilitates a self-serve model for developers and testers to access new test data sets, remove manual intervention, and eliminate any infrastructure requirements of master 'golden copy'

ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control)

DataStealth transparently applies ABAC to existing applications and data flows by inspecting the network traffic as it flows through the solution and dynamically executing access decisions

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Who Needs DataStealth?

Any Industry, Business or Department that needs data privacy would love DatStealth

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