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Next-gen CDN.
Global. Fast. Flexible

Make your app fast and responsive for a global audience with Schoolber CDN.

Speed up your websites, applications and downloads


Low Latency Worldwide

With CDN, your users will reach your app as if the hosting is always located in the same location as they are.

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Dynamic Content Acceleration

Our dynamic content acceleration makes web applications smoother and more responsive, speeding up the delivery time of generated content.

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Outstanding Availability

CDN can easily protect the server from overloading during unexpected traffic surges or denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Advanced functionality

IPv4 / IPv6

Our entire infrastructure supports both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols


Deliver content over HTTP2

HTTP/3 (beta)

Deliver content over HTTP3 — the newest and safest version of HTTP

TLS 1.3 with 0-RTT

Use the latest version of TLS with reduced handshake time

Edge rules

Configure options and a protocol for specific files delivery

Extended APi

Easy CDN management via API

Origin shielding

Prevent the origin from being overloaded during a traffic surge

Origin groups

Bind several origins to your CDN

Anycast and GeoDNS routing

Provide a user with a lowest-latency route to a CDN server

Global network

We invest in our global network to free you from having to buy expensive infrastructure.

150+ PoPs


110+ Tbps

network capacity

30 ms

avg. latency worldwide

Use Cases

Web Applications & E-commerce

Improved website speed

Acceleration of the dynamically-generated assets

Availability during traffic surges and DDoS-attacks

TLS encryption and access control

Software Assets

Large file delivery optimization

Origin server shielding

110 Tbps of global network capacity

Video Streaming

Better connectivity for stream integrity

Public and restricted access control

Origin server shielding

110 Tbps of global network capacity

Ready to get started?

Web App Security_edited.png

Web Application


SSL/TLS Encryption

L3, L4, L7 DDoS mitigation

Advanced access policies

Next-gen WAF

Protect your web application from unauthorized access and different denial-of-service (DDoS) attack vectors.

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