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Global DDOS
Protection Service

All-in-one real-time DDoS protection for websites, apps, and servers.

SLA 99.99%
Over 1 Tbps total filtering capacity
Block DDoS attack from the first request by sessions, not IPs

Grow Your Vision

Server Protection

Protecting servers against DDoS attacks at the network (L3), transport (L4), and application (L7) layers in data centers around the world.

Network Protection

Protect your datacenter with Protected IP Transit service

How our filtering platform works

Our DDOS security platform consists of our own scrubbing centers around the world. The scrubbing centers are connected to several service providers and have backup copies of all systems, such as cleaning servers, managing servers, data storage systems, and network equipment.


Our DDOS security security platform guarantees no delays and no performance degradation for your digital business. Your users and customers won’t even notice that your web resource has been attacked.

The types of DDoS attacks we protect against

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 1.37.36 PM.png

Cyberattacks are becoming more complex and multi-vectored:

  • Network-layer DDoS attacks sap networks’ bandwidth and disrupt the target’s interactions with partners and clients.

  • Connection-layer DDoS attacks overload a server with a large number of TCP packets (typically with the SYN/RST/ACK/PSH messages) to consume all its available resources.

  • Application-layer DDoS attacks interfere with or even completely paralyze the operation of business applications, which causes huge material and reputational losses for the targets.

Advanced protection features

Proprietary DDoS protection solution

Low-frequency attacks detection from the first query

Server protection in your data center through the GRE tunnel

False positive rate is less than 0,01%

24/7, high-qualified technical support

Threats of losses when DDoS attacks happen

Loss of profits

Your losses are easy to calculate: the inaccessibility of the resource per hour equals your earnings per hour.

Loss of customers’ data

Often, a DDoS attack can be only a part of a larger attack to steal users’ personal data.

Loss of loyalty

The Internet has empowered users to leave negative reviews on the web, and those reviews will take away your new customers.

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