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Improve Customer Experience with Location

When people, products and services are in motion, providing last-mile visibility help brands deliver a smoother customer-first experience, eliminating any wonder about when they will arrive.


Why Location Sharing?

Providing Insights to your Business

SBFM is a geospatial technology driven Fleet Management Platform, with a focus on generating intelligent, actionable data for companies in real-time to track their own fleet as well as sub-contractor fleets in order to provide them with full visibility of the service delivery.​

Save Time

What used to take days to plan manually can be done in a matter of seconds. Routes are optimized just as quickly when doing large fleet route optimizations.

Increase Profit

Eliminate inefficiency and you will see how much money you can save, so that you can instantly increase your profits by reducing miles, fuel, and possibly drivers

Simple and Affordable

No more obsolete software from the legacy software companies. Our simple and affordable cloud-based solution provides your company with the technology regardless of your size of business

Who Needs Location Sharing?


Companies who use Schoolber Location Sharing have increased revenue by 15%

  • preventing customer cancellations and re-schedules

  • fewer customer no-shows

  • reduced “Where’s my delivery” customer service calls

  • improved customer satisfaction on the delivery experience

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