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Data Privacy | Regulation Compliance | Plug & Play



Geo-Identity is a privacy-based CRM service that enables data subjects to manage the use of their personal data.


Data subjects control and consent to the sharing of their data


Data subject has maximum visibility of current & past usage.

Why Geo-Identity?

Taking your business Data Privacy & Compliance to the next level
Save Time
Increase Profit
Simple and Affordable

Leveraging on the CRM service, you save time and money on marketing. Just select your target audience type and request for their permission to market to them. 

Eliminate inefficiency and ineffective cybersecurity measures. Use the Geo-Identity CRM service to instantly increase your profits by reduce marketing, compliance and cybersecurity cost

No more obsolete software from the legacy software companies. Our simple and affordable cloud-based solution CRM Service provides your company with the technology regardless of your size of business

Years of Experience
Qualified Experts
Clients Every Year
Intl. Partners


Data Privacy & Compliance
No Coding
Easy to Use

Data privacy and compliance observed. Reduced cost on regulation compliance and ineffective marketing campaigns

Sign Up and Deploy within a few minutes directly on the cloud. Intuitive interface to get you started quickly

No Coding is required. You do not need to have machine learning or programming expertise. Just simple configuration to your requirements

Metric Dashboard

Every meaning interactions with your customers are captured on the metrics dashboard to provide rich analytics for discovering new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Easily Sharing

Publish a dashboard with a few clicks to share it live on the web and on mobile devices

Cloud Based

Cloud based solution making it easy and simple for deployment with low cost of deployment

Years of Experience

Who Needs Geo-Identity?

Any Industry, Business or Department that needs your Personal Data
will subscribe to our Privacy-Based CRM service

Discover What Geo-Identity Can Do For You?

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