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Become a Schoolber Technologies partner and help companies become digitally enabled at a low cost. Our products will help your customers improve how they interact with their customers and enable them to make sense of massive amounts of data.

Explore our partner programs

Referral Partner
Consultants, integrators, and IT professionals focused on the Logistic, Transportation & Education space, helping large enterprises be digitised at scale
Solution Provider
Eliminate inefficiency and you will see how much money you can save, so that you can instantly increase your profits by reducing miles, fuel, and possibly drivers
Technology Distributors
Schoolber Technologies platform  is simple to use, making it easy for top technology distributors to on-premise, cloud-based solution and hybrid deployment 


Upload of Addresses

Upload your address spreadsheets or connect your system to Schoolber's Route Optimiseation API for a seamless experience.

Metric Dashboard

Every meaning interactions with your customers are captured on the metrics dashboard to provide rich analytics for discovering new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Easy to Use

Sign Up and Deploy within a few minutes directly on the cloud. Intuitive interface to get you started quickly

Locate & Track

Schoolber A.I. Assistant can dynamically navigate business flows to complete end-to-end processes and interface directly with enterprise systems to provide a complete response

No Coding

No Coding is required. You do not need to have machine learning or programming expertise. Just simple configuration to your requirements

Cloud Based

Cloud based solution making it easy and simple for deployment with low cost of deployment

Who Needs Route Optimisation?

IT Service Desk - Customer Sales & Support - Social Media Messenger

Pre-Trained Industry & Domain Knowledge


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