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A.I Powered

Virtual Assistant

Increase the effectiveness of your operations and enhance your customer sales & service experiences

Why Schoolber A.I. Virtual Assistant?

Taking your business to the next level

Our A.I. Virtual Assistant Puts Customer Service and Support On Auto-Pilot
So You Can Grow Your Business

Reduce Cost
Lower your cost of support and customer interactions with Schoolber A.I. Virtual Assistance
Better Customer Experience
Take your support and customer service to the next level. Provide a consistent level of customer interactions and help them take the action they need - instantly.
24x7 Instant Response
Schoolber A.I. Virtual Assistance is your digital employee. Providing round the clock instant response to customer queries and solving the most common customer issues on the first touch.



Schoolber A.I. Virtual Assistance has been pre-trained with industry and domain content so you do not have to build an A.I Virtual Assistance from scratch

Self-Service ChatBots

Schoolber A.I Virtual Assistance applies cognitive technology to provide a personalized, contextualized customer experience

No Coding

No Coding is required. You do not need to have machine learning or programming expertise. Just simple configuration to your requirements

Metric Dashboard

Every meaning interactions with your customers are captured on the metrics dashboard to provide rich analytics for discovering new up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Easy to Use

Sign Up and deploy an AI-powered chat-bot within a few minutes directly on the cloud. Intuitive interface to get your started quickly​

Cloud Based

Cloud based solution making it easy and simple for deployment with low cost of deployment

Performance Analytics
Years of Experience

Our Performance Analytics dashboard provides a more in-depth understanding of the conversations that can be used to tune and improve your deployment.

Instant Deployment

Schoolber A.I. Virtual Assistant can be deployed immediately with a small code snippet that easily embedded into your website or mobile app.

Intl. Partners
Integration to Backend

Schoolber A.I. Assistant can dynamically navigate business flows to complete end-to-end processes and interface directly with enterprise systems to provide a complete response

Who Needs A.I. Virtual Assistant?

IT Service Desk - Customer Sales & Support - Social Media Messenger

Pre-Trained Industry & Domain Knowledge


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