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School Management System

Suitable for Schools, Tuition & Enrichment Centers

*Grants Available for Deployment

End-to-End Features


Student Management

Transport Management

Homework Module

Classroom Management

Announcement & Notification Management

Parent, Student & Teacher App

Communication Management

Customer Management

Calendar & Event Module


Invoice Module

Attendance Management

Widget Dashboard

Web Form Enrollment

Polling and Consent Module

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Why Schoolber School Management System?

Save Time

Reduce mundane and repetitive admin work by as much as 80%. If there is a feature that you need and it is not there, we will build it for you.


Invoices & Finances

  • Viewing detailed invoices, payment receipts, and credit notes, enabling you to effortlessly create comprehensive invoices.

  • Streamlining fee tracking and inquiries to reduce instances where students and their parents/guardians miss payments.

  • Empower your clients (Parents/Guardians) with our convenient In-App Payment feature for hassle-free payments.

  • Simplify online payments with PayNow.

Activity Management

  • Schedule classes based on date, time, and venue – choose trial or full-time.

  • Enable users and parents to easily cancel and reschedule lessons at their convenience.

  • Perfect for organizing camps and classes focused on lessons and activities.

Easily Configuration

  • Easily enable or disable desired features with simple configuration and controls.

Teacher, Parent & Student App

  • Automatically send push notifications to parents or guardians regarding their student's attendance, providing assurance about their safety when they arrive for classes.

  • Streamline communication, announcements, and notification alerts in a single, central location.

  • Effortlessly track and share your students' progress in real time through both our desktop web app and mobile apps, ensuring that students, parents, or guardians receive comprehensive progress reports promptly.

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